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News from April and May

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Novices complete training in community life

The novices of the Rango centre recently completed a week of training with the other novices in the Butare area. The week was full of teaching and discussion on the nature of living in a religious community, providing many new ideas and insights.

In response to the training the novices developed and performed their own sketches based on the idea of living together in a community and dealing with the differences between people that can arise.

Starkey Hearing Foundation Visit Muramba Centre

Members of the organisation came to work with our children, and with over a hundred other people from the local community who are affected by deafness. Their distribution of hearing aids, and the training provided on their use, will make a really positive impact on many lives.

Two calves born at Rango

The first calves have been born at our new centre in Rango and everyone is looking forward to our supply of fresh milk.

New vehicles at Rango and Janja

Thanks to fundraisers in America, APAX has been able to buy its first vehicles, a truck for the centre at Rango and a mini-bus at Janja. They will be a great help to many of our projects! In particular, the bus at Janja will provide a means of transport in order for the children to have greater access to medical care.

Peace education tour

Sister Donata and Father Ubald recently visited a number of different places to give teaching sessions on peace values. They struggled through heavy rains to visit Janja and Muramba, as well as holding a session at Tumba Technical College, where they were joined by two of the aspirants.

An inspiring session was also held in Rango parish, focusing on ideas of reconciliation. Many residents of the area shared their own experiences of conflict and their hopes for forgiveness and resolution within the community.

Jeannette represents the children of APAX 

Jeannette, one of our children resident at the Muramba Centre, recently represented APAX at the first meeting of a committee of children affected by disability. The meeting was organised by Collectif Tubakunde, bringing together organisations working with disabled children from across Rwanda. The committee hopes to provide a platform for children with disabilities to have their views heard.




March News

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Easter Time Celebrations

The APAX community gathered together for five days over the Easter period, for a time of spiritual retreat, training and celebration. Participants travelled from all over the country to take part and the community enjoyed meeting many old friends and hearing their news.

The gathering included two days of training on peace education, the work of APAX and the role which participants can play in spreading the message of peace. Father Peter of Janja Parish began the proceedings with a session intended to put everyone in the right mood for Holy Week.

Other sessions focused on the five levels of truth, one of the key values of peace. The first level is self-acceptance, recognising the truth in oneself. This is followed by being able to accept others and then being able to express your thoughts and feelings about yourself to another. The last two stages are being able to express to another how you see their behavior and finally being to express your view of the world to everyone.

On Saturday members of the community visited the local health centre and other vulnerable people in the surrounding area. The visits are an important part of our work towards peace in the local community.

The retreat came to an end on Easter Sunday with much eating, singing and dancing. All of the members of the community, joined by the children who live permanently in the centre, took part in a great afternoon of celebrations.

School Finished for the Holidays

The week before Easter saw the primary school at Janja break up for the holidays, well deserved after the end-of-term exams. The children who live internally at the APAX centre celebrated the beginning of the holidays with an evening of song and dance, creating their own ‘nightclub’ in the centre’s refectory and showing off many different talents!

Visit of Father Ubald

Father Ubald, member of APAX and spiritual father of the organisation, visited the centre at Rango at the end of March. The community there enjoyed hearing the news of his recent visit to the United States.

Continuing Building Work at Janja and Rango

The building of a new dormitory for the children educated in the special education school at Janja has seen much progress. Windows have now been installed thanks to the help of French organisation Orleans Trait d’Union Monde (OTM) who visited our Janja centre last month. Everyone is looking forward to the inauguration of the dormitory in July!

Representatives from the organisation also visited our centre in Rango and went to see the progress of the construction work at the new site. It has taken great steps forward with one of the buildings now covered by a roof.


February News from the APAX community!

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Arrival of a second cow

APAX have also welcomed another new member to their community, with a second cow now living on the land in Butare. She is settling in well and hopefully will start to provide milk in the months to come! Many thanks to the support of Edeltraud Schrottner in Austria.

APAX members begin university

Two members of the APAX community have started their studies at the university in Bujumbura, one in special education and one in clinical psychology, thanks to the help of Romain Worms.

Orleans Trait d'Union Monde Visit Janja Centre

The centre recently received a visit from the French organisation Orleans Trait d’Union Monde (OTM) which helps APAX to provide scholarships to children from difficult and impoverished backgrounds. The support is crucial in making it possible for the children to continue their education and open up their future opportunities. The children shared their future plans with the group - with careers currently ranging from translator to musician!

The representatives from OTM also visited the second dormitory for the special school which is currently under construction. Their support has enabled the project to go ahead, providing much needed additional space for children with disabilities.

Arrival of New Training Group in Butare

The centre at Butare has recently seen the arrival of a new group of six trainees in peacemaking. As part of their education and meditation on peacemaking in the world, they are playing an important role in APAX’s peace education work in surrounding areas.

On Sundays, along with the novices of the community, they have been meeting with families and individuals to discuss conflicts which have arisen. By stimulating dialogues within and between communities, they are learning how to promote reconciliation and play a role in mediating conflict, providing an open space for discussion.

The construction of the new centre at Rango, Butare continues to proceed. The recent group of trainees has been working alongside the other members to develop and cultivate the land, producing various fruits and vegetables for the community.

Joining the APAX Team - Laura MacLean

At the beginning of February I arrived in Rwanda from the UK as a volunteer from the organisation 2way Development and APAX welcomed me to their centre in Butare. I was amazed by the warmth of my reception and I have loved the opportunity I have had to meet and talk with different members of the community.

Each day I have discovered new things about the organisation and the beautiful country in which they are working, from visiting the development of the new site in Butare to watching the novices’ football game on a Sunday afternoon.

I am going to be working on various projects with APAX over the next six months. I am very interested in social and community development and am excited to learn about APAX’s methods of community development action and work towards an inclusive society.

Whilst here I am going to work with APAX on their organisation development and communications. I am going to be working with the staff on various projects and hope to help with English skills (whilst trying to improve my Kinyarwandan!)

I have just returned from visiting the centres at Janja and Muramba and it was an amazing experience to be able to see the great work that was being done in both places.

I am grateful to everyone at APAX for giving me such a kind welcome and am very excited about my work over the coming months!