Janja Centre

Inclusive and special education

The centre at Janja works towards APAX’s goal of lasting peace in Rwanda through the social integration of disabled children. In a society in which the rights of children with disabilities have traditionally been ignored, with a paucity of resources for those who would struggle to provide their own livelihood, the organisation aims to address this bias. The centre provides a model of community integration and unity by enabling children both with and without disabilities to live, work and play together. Alongside general studies, the children develop deeper empathetic skills, allowing them to contribute towards permanent reconciliation in the country.

The centre runs a special education school for children with a wide range of physical and learning disabilities, currently educating 50 children. Its facilities include a physiotherapy area for the children and lessons in sewing and making clothes in order to provide them with vocational skills.

Further educational and support programmes

Additionally a further 76 children without disabilities reside in the centre. The organisation provides care and support for children from a wide range of backgrounds, some of whom attend the APAX primary school whilst others are educated in secondary schools around the country. The needs of the children are dealt with on an individual basis and through the support of donors APAX is able to provide scholarships to some of the youngsters from the most difficult and impoverished backgrounds. Amongst the children are those who have no family or very difficult family situations who reside at the centre during the holidays as well.

APAX’s primary school at Janja aims to provide a model for incorporating a well-rounded education with a specific focus on peace education. It currently runs three kindergarten classes, along with a class for year 1 to 6.