APAX was founded firstly in order to promote peace and justice in Rwandan society and to facilitate the reconstruction of social links ruined by violence via community development action. The organisation was founded in 2001 by Donata Uwimanimpaye in order to tackle the continuing trauma and social fragmentation resulting from the Rwandan genocide of 1994. She wished to address what she regarded as the failures of teaching peace education in Rwanda, incorporating the values of human rights, justice, dignity and compassion. Wishing to implement theories of social mediation in practice, she began the organisation in order to train young people as spiritual, social and economic mediators.

The association aims to promote the spiritual, social and technological welfare of Rwandan communities in order to promote peace and justice. Its main objectives are:

  • To promote a human development based on Christian and traditional education values encouraging justice and peace.
  • To contribute to the prevention of conflict by implementing mediation workshops and stimulating dialogue between communities.
  • To contribute to the reconstruction of the social links ruined by violence via community development action.


Spiritual education:

Training is provided to individuals committed to becoming peacemakers in the world, regardless of gender, religion or marital status.

Formal education:

This combines education along the lines of the national curriculum with a special programme for peace education. APAX schools aim to become pilot schools for peace. Formal education includes both nursery and primary education.

Special and inclusive education:
Special education consists of the education of children affected by disability, according to their capacities, and the provision of vocational training for young people with handicaps.
Inclusive education sees children from the special education programmes mixed with other students for formal education.

Vocational training:

Training is provided to individuals who missed the opportunity to continue their education, most of whom have limited or no financial means.

Training provided includes:

  • Handicraft making
  • Agriculture
  • Knitting
  • Sewing

Socio-cultural and intra-community action:

Activities include regular visits to communities, social support and the teaching of cultural peace values. APAX aims to bring communities together in harmony.


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